Welcome to How Nike Got Big

This WordPress site is all about the brilliant marketing and advertising techniques utilized by the worlds leading athletic apparel manufacturer, Nike.

Nike is on the forefront of their industry due to their commitment to creating stylish and on trend products that still maintain their functionality and comfort. This in combination with their advertising campaigns help keep them at the top.

From endorsing pro athletes to sponsoring AAU league athletic events, Nike does it all and really keeps their brand in the spotlight by making sure they have themselves placed in every venue they are selling to.

They use emotional appeals to keep people interested and intrigued by their products and reel them in with the promises of their athletic attire turning you into the best, just like the athletes they sponsor.

Along with this, they collaborate with high streetwear brands as well to keep themselves open in any market. Their collaboration with designers such as Virgil Abloh and his OFF WHITE collection has really expanded their market area and has helped to create some really iconic pieces.

Even collaborations with companies like Supreme have led to the creation of sneakers like the Supreme X Nike Air More Uptempo, which released yesterday to the general public and can arguably be called one of the most anticipated sneaker releases of 2017.

Nike has even collaborated with brands like Hurley so they can dip their foot into the surf culture that Hurley has a large hold over. They created a swimwear line with them that maintains Nike’s high quality and athletic technology and has the style that surfers everywhere want.

They really truly have a hold over many aspects of not only athletics, but leisure and streetwear as well. Their very extended reach into many aspects of fashion helps keep this massive brand booming.


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